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to value nourishment, stewardship, and community

We are a niche consulting practice dedicated to exploring creative ways to shift to healthy, regenerative, and fair food systems.

From the ground up

Food systems to nourish all

We have over 15 years experience designing progressive food system strategies, policies, and programs. We work collaboratively to explore creative solutions to advance just food system transitions for sustainability - combining our technical expertise, originality, and open-mindedness with skills in policy synthesis, strategy development, project management, and creative facilitation. We believe that cultivating healthy, regenerative, and fair food systems requires a participatory and systems-based approach.

Bounded rationality means that people make quite reasonable decisions based on the information they have. But they don't have perfect information, especially about more distant parts of the system ... Grant us the serenity to exercise our bounded rationality freely in systems that are structured appropriately, the courage to restructure the systems that aren't, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Donella Meadows